1. Learn

The moment you sign up and supply us with necessary details, our bots will instantly access and start scanning your site. This is part of our initial site audit or diagnosis designed to detect any immediate problems. We then supply you with a detailed report of the site audit including the problems identified and fixes required. Based on the report, we work with you to fix those anomalies.

2. Iterate

We beef up your analytics and notifications on advanced settings. Our robots will keep scanning your site 24/7 so that you never run out of software updates. We will get instant notifications if there is any hitch with website traffic situations and availability so that we can fix the issue right at that moment.

3. Launch

Our robots take control over your site, kill all bugs and keep the software up to date. This means you have all the time in the world to focus on other valuable aspects of your business.

Core services

You can choose the core and additional services fits best to your website. Our robots will take care of the rest.


24/7 Security Monitoring

We provide you realtime server-level scanning and malware detection. In the rare occasion a customer gets hacked, we clean up the hack in a hurry.


Uptime Monitor

We make sure your site is up and running, it is not down due to any issues of the site. If your site is down we hurry to make it back up.


Quality Control

Our internal team of testers ensure that code released is fully tested and bug-free.


Offsite Daily Backups

 All site backups are shipped to remote iron-clad encrypted servers at AWS. Even if your web host explodes, we'll get you back online.


Managed Drupal and Wordpress updates

We always ensure that you’re running the latest, most secure software, void of compatibility issues.


Customer Support

Realtime support from our expert developers and we’ll always exceed your expectations. Guaranteed.

See in action

Each website gets a timeline as dashboard highlighting the milestones from the initial phase to delivery and future updates.

04 jan 2017

Deployed to Production

04 jan 2017

Testing on Pre-Production

03 jan 2017

Drupal updates are performed

Drupal core, Ctools and Admin Toolbar modules has been updated to their latest versions. 

03 jan 2017

Drupal updates are pending

Security Updates are available for the Drupal core 8.24 and two other modules.

drupal release security updates (every wednesday)
30 DEC 2016

Site scan completed.

Site is running on Drupal 8.24 and there are 26 contributed modules found.

28 DEC 2016

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